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Remote Learning at Scrims

During this time of remote and hybrid learning, Scrims is pleased to offer parents and students an alternative to at-home learning. Starting in January 2021, Scrims Esports Gaming Center will have 50 socially distanced work stations fitted with high-end PCs, webcams, and headsets. Stations will be a minimum of 6 feet from neighboring stations and separated by acrylic barriers.  

Fiber optic internet will ensure a reliable and fast internet connection.

Scrims staff, comprised of experienced educators and tutors, will work with students to help them attend online class sessions and complete independent learning tasks.  While providing a safe learning environment and keeping students motivated and on task is the main focus, there will also be a little fun during break time...

Fortnite tournament anyone!?

Scrims Remote Learning Center is for students in 1st grade and up.

Each student will be assigned a private station with plenty of room for school supplies and personal belongings.

Stations can be reserved on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. See pricing below.

If requested, Scrims will provide box lunches, beverages, and snacks with a variety of options.

Students can also bring in their own food and drink.

Scrims will have onsite staff with a minimum staff-student ratio of 5:1

Hourly Pricing (up to 5 hours/day)

$10 per hour

Daily Pricing  (up to 8 hours/day)

$60 for 1 day per week 

$114 for 2 days per week 

$165 for 3 days per week 

$212 for 4 days per week

$250 for 5 days per week

Discounted rates for siblings

Scholarships and financial aid are available. Please email for information.

Hours of Operation

Scrims Remote Learning will be available from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm on weekdays

For more information, please view our Remote Learning Flyer and FAQ

Click below for FREE Enrollment and to keep up to date on remote learning and schedule updates.

Reservations for remote learning sessions will open in January

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