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Remote Learning FAQ

Will my child have access to internet?

Scrims Esports Gaming Center features dedicated fiber optic internet. Each station is has its own fiber optic connection, ensuring fast and reliable internet service. We also have WiFi available throughout the center.

Will my child receive help with their school work?  

Our staff consists of experienced educators and experienced tutors. While we are not a replacement for your child's schoolteachers, we will do our best to assist you child in understanding concepts and completing assignments.

How will staff know my child's remote learning schedule?

Using a template that we provide, we will ask each student to bring in a daily schedule of their online classes and assignments to complete.  Staff members will follow these schedules to keep students on task.

What sort of daily communication can I expect?

At the end of each day, we will send home a daily report that confirms participation in classes, highlights tasks that are accomplished, and notes new homework assigned and other announcements. 

How are esports be incorporated into the day?

During breaks from on-line learning, your child will have access to dozens of age appropriate gaming titles to explore. Our high-end gaming computers  create an unequaled gaming experience. We host mini-tournaments and offer tips and strategies with an emphasis on fun.

Does Scrims limit access to Rated M video games?

While Scrims offers hundreds of video game titles during our regular operation, Rated M games will not be allowed during remote learning hours.

What other activities are offered?

Each day, Scrims will offer a "Brain Break"  activities, ranging from arts and crafts and fun science experiments to story time and special guests.  In small cohorts, students will get regular breaks from screen-time to participate in these activities as well as story time and quiet reading. We will also get your child moving with socially-distanced yoga, dancing, and other physical activities.

How is Scrims mitigating the risk of contracting COVID-19?

All Scrims learning stations are socially-distanced with at least six feet between each. In addition, acrylic dividers separate each station. We have installed a new HVAC system with iWave Air Purification technology.


We also have strict safety guidelines:

Upon entering the center each day, all staff and students  receive a temperature check and are not allowed to enter the center if a fever is present.  All activities  take place in small groups with social-distancing maintained at all times. Face coverings are required for all staff and students while in the center. We will have plenty of hand-sanitizer throughout the center and regularly clean and disinfect surfaces. At the end of each day, peripherals (keyboard, mouse, headset) are collected and disinfected.

Can my child bring in their own computer or peripherals?

While our center has everything your child needs for remote learning, we welcome students to bring in their own laptop computer and/or peripherals and will help them connect to our system. For those choosing to bring in a laptop computer, Wi-Fi is available throughout the center.

How does my family apply for financial assistance?

Scrims offers a limited number of full and partial need-based scholarships. We are committed to offering financial assistance equal to at least 10% of remote learning revenue. To receive and application, please email us at Scholarship recipients will be selected randomly from a pool of qualified applicants.

Are late registrations and walk-ins allowed?

We ask that you reserve stations for the week by the Thursday before. Depending on availability, a limited number of stations may be available for late sign-ups and walk-ins. To check availability, please email Lunches and snacks cannot be ordered after the Thursday deadline. 

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