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Pre-Register for Gaming


Save time and fill out the form below to pre-register a gamer account. This will be the account that is used to sign in to a Scrims station.  When you arrive at Scrims, provide this email at the front desk and a staff member will help you add gaming time to the account. Any coupons and special offers can also be applied to the account at this time. 

Upon your first sign in at a Scrims PC station, you will be asked to create a password. 

Create your password, and you are all set to start gaming!

Thanks for submitting!

*Anyone under 18 and gaming without a parent/guardian present, must have a parent/guardian sign our online waiver prior to gaming at Scrims. Do this AFTER YOU CLICK THE SUBMIT button.*

Scrims is located at

2000 Ogden Ave in Lisle, IL. If you have any questions, please contact us via email at or use our contact form here.

**Username can only contain letters,  numbers, underscores and dots.

Your desired username may not be available. Don't worry, if it isn't we will contact you via the email provided and ask you for another option.

Your username on your Scrims account will not affect any in-game names. It is only the name you sign into our computers with.**

Please click the SUBMIT button BEFORE clicking to sign the parent waiver or your information will be lost.


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