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Scrims features a mix of high-end gaming PCs and consoles (Xboxes, Oculus VR, and Nintendo Switches). Gamers are able to play dozens of game titles, either by logging into their own Steam and game developer accounts or using a Scrims house account to try out a new game.

Casual gamers of all skill levels can drop in solo or with friends to game and enjoy Scrim's lounge and food and beverage options. Competitive games have access to exclusive leagues competing against competitors from throughout the region. Scrims also hosts live local tournaments bringing together gamers competing in the most popular games for cash and merch prize pools.

Scrims has private esports training rooms for scholastic teams and clubs and offer esports instructional programs and camps. During non-peak hours, Scrims will make high-end computers available for other group STEM instruction, including coding and animation lessons.

Scrims is a popular location for birthday parties, watch parties, and other group outings, offering gaming party packages for groups of all sizes. 

Gaming with Scrims gives players access to:

  • High end gaming PCs, Xboxes, Playstations, and Nintendo Switches

  • Live local tournaments and leagues

  • Exclusive online tournaments hosted by GGLeap

  • Private Esports Training

  • Food and Drink

  • Private Party Rooms

House Rules

  • No bullying, racism, sexism, or hate speech of any kind.

  • No foul language. We know games are frustrating sometimes, please try your best. Think of the children.

  • No outside food or drink.

  • Use a coaster for Pete's sake.

  • Our equipment is expensive, please refrain from smashing it when some 11 year old owns you.

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