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Gaming Parties


Scrims is the best place to host your next party! Birthday, Bachelor, and Office parties welcome! Choose from one of the 4 levels of party packages listed below. Of course, all packages are customizable beyond what is listed! While video game experience varies, we recommend our gaming parties for kids 8 and older.

Please contact Scrims via phone call or email to reserve a party date and time.

Phone: (630) 534-9620


*Your desired date for your party may have already been booked by another customer. Dates are reserved in a first come first serve basis. In that case we will notify you and we kindly ask that you pick another suitable date. *

party packages

All Party Packages include Pizza, Soft Drinks, & a coupon for 1 FREE hour of gaming at Scrims for all party guests!


1.5 Hours of Gaming

$25/guest+ tax


2 Hours of Gaming

$30/guest+ tax

Unlimited Members get an extra 30 minutes!


3 Hours of Gaming

$35/guest+ tax

Unlimited Members get an extra 30 minutes!


3 Hours of Gaming

$45/guest+ tax

+ 2 drink tickets

guests must be 21+

Party faq

What games can be played?


Any and all games on our PCs can be played! Players can switch games any time. A VR headset will be reserved for your party. In addition, all the consoles (Xbox, PS5, and Nintendo Switch) will be available to use if they are not occupied.


To view a full list of games, check out


Can I restrict certain games from being played?


Yes! Scrims can place restrictions on your party guests so that certain games that have a mature rating cannot be accessed.

Can Members save on party costs?

Yes! Unlimited and Ultimate members can host an EPIC or LEGENDARY Party and receive an extra 30 minutes of gaming for all party guests! Additionally, Those members whether they are hosting or are a party guest will not have to pay for their individual gaming time.


When will the pizza and soft drinks be served?


Pizza and soft drinks can be served at any time during the party that you wish. Usually, they are served at the middle point in the gaming time.


What kind of Pizza and soft drinks are available?


Pizza can be made as cheese, pepperoni, or sausage. Pizzas orders are taken and are made fresh at the time of the party. Soft drinks available are cans of soda (Pepsi, Coke, Sprite, root beer, orange soda, Dr Pepper), water bottles, or Gatorade.


How much pizza and soft drinks will be available?


Scrims will provide enough pizza for all party guests, usually estimated to be 3 slices per guest. Each guest can choose one soft drink.


Is there a minimum or maximum number of party guests?


Parties must have at least 5 guests to reserve the private party room. If your party is above 16 guests, your party is too large to be placed in a single party room and you may be split between the rooms.


Can I bring a cake and/or decorations?


Yes! Cake and decorations are more than okay with us.


Can I bring outside food and drink?


No, Scrims does not allow any outside food or drink.


Can party guests attend but not play any games?

Yes, Scrims allows up to 5 non-gaming party guests (adult or child) free of charge.  


Does the gaming time listed in the party package include time for cake and/or presents?


The time listed is the amount of gaming time that will be applied for the party. Each party is allowed ~30 minutes additional time for cake and/or presents in our lounge area!


Do I have to bring plates and utensils?


No! Scrims can provide all plates, napkins, and utensils. We also have a knife for cutting the cake.


I have an ice cream cake, can Scrims keep it cold?


Yes! Scrims can keep ice cream cakes in our fridge or freezer during your party.


Can the guests eat at their gaming station?


Yes! Guests can eat pizza and drink at the gaming stations while they are playing. We ask that Cake/cupcakes be eaten in our lounge.


Do the party rooms have gaming stations in them?


Yes! The party rooms have the gaming stations in them, and your party will be playing in a private space away from the open gaming area.

Do I need to purchase a party package in order to host a party at Scrims?


No, but without a party package, we cannot provide use of a party room, and all gaming time, food, and drink must be purchased individually at our regular rates and prices.


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