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Take a break from the games. Scrims offer gamers a selection of alcoholic beverages including local craft breweries and wines by the glass and can. Relax while you game and have a drink right at your station!

Beer & Seltzer

  • Hamm's                                                                          $3

  • Miller High Life                                                    $3.50

  • Miller Lite                                                               $3.50

  • Coors Light                                                           $3.50

PipeWorks Brewery                                                    ​​

  • Ninja vs Unicorn Double IPA                                $8

  • Lizard King Mosaic Pale Ale                                 $8

  • Bloody Unicorn Hoppy Pale Ale                         $8

Noon Whistle Brewery                                                

  • Don't Worry be Gummy                                          $8

  • Fuzzy Smack                                                               $7

  • Bernie Milk Stout                                                      $7

White Claw​

  • Black Cherry                                                               $5

  • Raspberry                                                                    $5             


Wine by the Glass                                                     $9​​

  • Alexander Valley Vineyards Chardonnay

  • Wines of Substances Cabernet Savignon

Wine by the Bottle                                                 $55

  • Disciples (Zin blend by Dave Phinney)

Round Barn Cans  355ml                                     $7

  • Crantini

  • Peach Bellini

  • Sparkling Sangria

TiAmo Cans  375ml                                                  $8

  • Pinot Grigio

  • Rose

  • Red

Quady Electra Moscato  275ml              $6.50

Gaming with Scrims gives players access to:

  • High end gaming PCs, Xboxes, Playstations, and Nintendo Switches

  • Live local tournaments and leagues

  • Exclusive online tournaments hosted by GGLeap

  • Private Esports Training

  • Food and Drink

  • Private Party Rooms

House Rules

  • No bullying, racism, sexism, or hate speech of any kind.

  • No foul language. We know games are frustrating sometimes, please try your best. Think of the children.

  • No outside food or drink.

  • Use a coaster for Pete's sake.

  • Our equipment is expensive, please refrain from smashing it when some 11 year old owns you.

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